network-securityKBM Group’s network engineers provide network infrastructure support services to keep your networks up and running, your organization productive and your data protected. We understand that your networks are the backbone of your day-to-day business activities, so our certified network engineers can provide a wide range of support including:

  • Designing and managing the operations of switching and routing equipment to seamlessly integrate with client networks
  • Collecting and organizing information to document network specifications for training and reporting requirements
  • Providing network troubleshooting and problem resolution assistance for all network layer protocols (IP, Wireless, LAN/WAN VOIP)
  • Assistance with disaster recovery services, network security, and certification.

KBM also helps to protect your valuable IT assets by evaluating existing security policies and advising clients on issues related to IT security risks. The evaluations may include vulnerability assessments and audits, risk assessments, and extensive threat reporting. KBM’s engineers will devise mitigation strategies to resolve issues and minimize consequences of attacks.